Hello, I am Rich, the king of all Mudladders! I am incredibly attractive, but I also love mechs and all things mechanical. I simply can't get enough. It can't hurt that I love the smell of gasoline, too. I enjoy playing rugby (since it seems the most legal way of inflicting pain on other people) and exploring places in nature that I've never seen before, or at least smell very nice. I may put up one or two nature pics, but I really want to limit myself cause' otherwise you'll get nature AND robots and you'll just have a pleasure overload, I'm sure.

The Underground is the place to come if you need your fix of massive, metal behemoths or bad-ass robots, I've got plenty of each. I like to write in my spare time, and occasionally I may plug some of my writing regarding big old mechs on up to the blog for your viewing pleasure.

Should you for any reason have the dire need to ask me a question that your life depends on, feel free too in the Asking Recepticle. Don't cause trouble in The Underground. Did I mention I was extremely attractive?

6th April 2012

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This guy’s art is too cool not to put a follow-up link

This guy’s art is too cool not to put a follow-up link

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